Fall in Love

with your 

Whole self

I'm Katie,

Lover of wellness, travel, mindful living, and my obsession is teaching women how to love who they are and care for themselves in a way that feels aligned and ease.!

With four certifications in transformational coaching, I am a Canadian girl in love with nature, an avid yogi, dog rescuer, amateur photographer and wanderluster. My happiest days are spent connecting with women around the globe who are ready to step into self-acceptance and creating their best lives.


Learning to LOVE yourself

is one of the greatest JOURNEYS

you'll ever take

And  you don't need to go it ALONE

Celebrate your unique BODY,

EMBRACE what you see in the mirror,

and create 


your way.


All while learning how you can


every bit of yourself

Free Masterclass


The 5 strategies my clients apply to fall madly in love with themselves and achieve their wildest dreams


(Without reading all the books, sitting in bubble baths all day or repeating positive affirmations again and again to no avail!)


  • The ONE thing that is getting in the way of you beginning your self love journey

  • Why "shoulds" are your worst enemy

  • What you've got to stop doing to open up to self love

  • Why all your learning efforts are counter-productive

  • How to shift from feeling lonely & confused to wildly empowered!


Discover the secrets to self love that you've been missing

"If you are sitting on the fence wondering if this is for you, if it’s worth it or if it will even change anything than stop wondering and do yourself a favour and dive in, you will not regret it!!!"



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