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Fall in love with all that you are.

Care for your whole self.

Step into your next chapter feeling balanced, empowered & free.

I'm Katie Allen.

I'm an expert in transformational coaching, a lover of travel & mindful living, and my obsession is teaching women how to fall in love with themselves (so they can achieve their wildest dreams)!

A Canadian girl certified in coaching four times over, yogi, dog rescuer, amateur photographer and wanderluster, my happiest days are spent connecting with women around the globe who are ready to transform their lives.


EMBRACE your version of FREEDOM, create GLOWING HEALTH, and LOVE every bit of yourself.

Learning to LOVE yourself is one of the greatest JOURNEYS you'll ever take!

You don't need to go it alone.

"If you are sitting on the fence wondering if this is for you, if it’s worth it or if it will even change anything than stop wondering and do yourself a favour and dive in, you will not regret it!!!"