Are you an entrepreneur struggling with self love and sense of wellbeing?

Are you not sure how to care for yourself  -  mind, body & spirit - AND build a thriving business?

 You don't need yet another self help book or more information... You need a step by step plan, a non-judgmental space to grow, and a mentor who can get you there! 

Be DONE with feeling exhausted, run down, and like you’re not leading by example.


The old adage of “no pain no gain” does NOT apply to you OR your business!

The better you feel and the more you care for your wellbeing, the more you have to give to your business so that it can truly thrive!

Step into a loving mindset, healthy habits, and feeling pumped about your business today!

Thriving Foundations is a bespoke 12 week coaching program created for your particular needs and desires!

Each week includes: one private 60 minute coaching call with lessons, experiential exercises, and action steps so that you can apply and embody the learnings week by week


The following is a sample of what Thriving Foundations could look like for you!

1. Lay Your Foundations

> Program Goals

> Motivators, Anchors & Intentions


2. Energy & Positivity

> Discovering what energizes and depletes you

> Physical health as a support to inner transformation and business success


3. Boundaries & Relationships

> Honouring your yes & no

> Stepping into success


4. Goal Check-in & Stepping forward

> Review goals

> “I am” exercise & your three words


5. Sabotage

> What is sabotage and how to work through it

> Curiosity & self respect


6. Implementing Self Care

> Guilt & shame surrounding self care

> What is self care to you?

7. Befriend your Inner Critic

> Inner Voice exercise

> Forgiveness and acceptance


8. Tune In & Slow Down

> Relaxation and its role in a thriving business

> Mindfulness exercise


9. Nourishing the Body & Mind

> Identify what wants to be nourished

> Wheel of life exercises


10. Live Empowered

> Personal Power

> Woundology exercise


11. Acknowledging Self & Others

> Time to brag

> Support Systems need support too

> Appreciate your transformation


12. Discover

> Look back to where you began

> Create a plan to move ahead with confidence

The Investment to build your Thriving Foundations is:

  • $750/month (for 3 months)

  • $2000 single payment

This is for you if...

  • You want to be a leader in business, but you're not yet showing up as a leader in your own life

  • You want to create a business you LOVE without sacrificing your wellbeing

  • Your health & wellbeing is not where you'd like it to be

  • Your daily habits and mindset are a struggle and not helping you to build your thriving business

  • You want to transform "No pain no gain" into "care for myself so that my business can thrive!"

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This high-touch private coaching program includes the best practices to get you where you want to be!

  • Twelve (12) weekly PRIVATE bespoke coaching sessions, delivered via phone or Zoom

  • Weekly action guide and session follow up to keep you on track to success

  • Email or Messenger support between coaching sessions so that you’re never alone or without support

  • Access to the private Thriving Foundations membership area


I work with women around the globe who are ready to show up as the leader in their life, care for their health holistically, and be supported in showing up as an empowered entrepreneur!

As a certified Transformational Coaching Method Mastery level coach, I bring my professional expertise, experience, and passion to help my clients learn to embrace all that they are, care for their health in a feel good way, and show up in their business so that they can go BIG!

The Investment to build your Thriving Foundations is:

  • $750/month (for 3 months)

  • $2000 single payment

Ready to find out if Thriving Foundations is for you?

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