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Transformational Coaching

Create a deep, profound appreciation and love for who you are. Become friends with your inner voice and learn to handle mindset challenges and feel worthy and confident!

Self Love Elevated

Ignite the flame of self love and transform your beliefs, mindset, and outlook on yourself and your life!

Self Love Ignited

Create freedom in your health and life plus embrace radical self acceptance to step into the most vibrant, fully expressed version of YOU!

Be Well, with Love

Free Offers

A Free Masterclass for you! Includes the 5 secrets my clients uncover to fall madly in love with themselves and achieve their wildest dreams!

Self Love


The home for all of my free resources, created just for you as you navigate from being stuck & struggling to embracing all that you are and jumping into a healthy life head on!

Subscriber Hub

Come on in and connect with like-minded women in this private online space!

The Freedom Healthstyle Tribe

Online Programs

Prioritize your needs, wants, desires, dreams, and love for yourself in this awesome 5 day challenge!

(without feeling stressed out, guilty, or overwhelmed!)

Love Yourself Up - The 5 Day Challenge

Take four weeks to invest in your happiness, your well-being, and learn to fall in love with yourself in this online intensive.

Body Love


Instead of focusing on cleansing or cutting out unhealthy things, let's focus on adding in foods and activities that light you up and energize you!

Health Foundations

" Thank you Katie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And to all of you considering a lifestyle change of any kind, Katie helped me in every way and am confident she can do the same in your life too."