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Private Coaching:

28 Day Jumpstart

Create a foundation to bring your body into a state of balance and relaxation, and begin to heal your body image and step into self-acceptance.
Work WITH your body to find the unique approach that is best for you.


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Private Coaching:

90 Day Program

Embed new habits, feel vibrant in your body, and find a way of forever living and caring for yourself.

Live life everyday feeling vibrant, at peace with your body and overflowing with self love to create the well-being you deserve.

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6 Month VIP Coaching Experience

The ultimate experience! Everything from the Vibrant Body 90 day program PLUS a kick-ass mindset makeover and long-term support to solidify this new way of being.

" Thank you Katie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And to all of you considering a lifestyle change of any kind, Katie helped me in every way and am confident she can do the same in your life too."