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Becoming a wholesale customer is by far the most popular option that people use to purchase oils. It is much like becoming a member of Costco where you pay a yearly fee ($35) to get wholesale prices.

By doing this, you become a wholesale member and you are able to get WHOLESALE PRICES on all future orders for 12 months! That means 25% off retail prices.  It's a great value as with just a few products the membership is paid for!

I do recommend you start by purchasing a wholesale starter kit as they are by far the best value for money. The starter kits have all the popular oils included PLUS your wholesale membership fee is waived!

As a wholesale member you DO NOT have to sell the oils and you DO NOT have a monthly quota. There is no catch, it just gives you the opportunity to have the best prices available…period.

If you'd rather speak first to make sure you're getting exactly what's best for you, book a free essential oils consult! This 30 minute phone call will answer all your questions and help you get clear on how to move ahead!

To do this, click the "Book My Essential Oil Consult" button to make it happen!




OR, if you'd rather just jump in, simply click on the ‘Sign Up Online’ button above and follow these steps:

1. Add your preferred language and country of residence.


2. Select your location where you will be receiving your products.

3. Select a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. I recommend the Wholesale Account for the best benefits and discounts.



4.  Fill in the “About You” section. This is the bulk of your wholesale account application. This info goes straight to Doterra through their secure site.  

5. Enter your Enroller and Sponsor ID numbers. If you are enrolling with me, you’ll use #5073227. If you have come in through the link above, these should be filled in for you.

6.  Create your password. This gives you access to your personal online shopping cart where you can place and manage orders.


7. Read and accept the online enrollment terms and conditions.


8.  Choose your Enrollment Kit.

There is the membership package which give you the wholesale access and all the info to get you going, but doesn't come with any oils. This is perfect if you only want to start with a couple oils and build your collection slowly. It means you'll have to pay separately for your wholesale membership though, whereas if you start with a kit that fee is waived!


The Oils starter kits have a combination of the most popular oils. They are all amazing so just select which one best suits your needs and budget.  I usually recommend the Home Essentials Kit as it has everything you need to get started!

The Natural Solutions kit is another very popular kit as it qualifies you for Doterras Fast Track Program. (More bonuses!) You will jump ahead and start at a  higher percentage and higher points when you start the Loyalty Rewards Program.

9.  Choose your preferred shipping method.


10.  Enter your payment information and check your shipping address. Click ‘Process’  ‘Order Now’ and ‘Continue’.


Congratulations, you are now a Wholesale Customer!!!

I’ll contact you shortly after your enrollment with more information to get you started with your new essential oils!


Katie xx

Additional Option: While starting a DoTERRA business is a very smart thing to do, it is not a requirement (however if you are interested in learning more about the business opportunity and earning an income, let me know and I will be more than happy to send you some info).

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