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Create community, connection, and move forward appreciating and loving who you really are.


With years of experience, Katie works personally with women around the globe who are ready to fall in love with who they are and live a more authentic life.

As a certified Transformational Coaching Method Mastery level coach, Katie brings her professional expertise, experience, and passion to help her clients learn to embrace who they are and create an experience of self-kindness, love, and compassion they never thought possible.

Authentically Me.

Embody your most authentic self.

Feel grounded in your body and confidently step into the woman you are meant to be.

Ready to get real about where you're stuck and dive deep to discover self love and uncover the wisdom that lies within? If it's time for you to accept all parts of you, learn to trust your intuition, and connect with other like-minded women on the same journey, Authentically Me will get you there.

Delivered over 6 weeks, this group coaching program is designed to create a safe space for you to discover what being authentically you actually means, step into a space of self-acceptance, and help you step into your highest self.

  • Weekly 2 hour group coaching sessions delivered on Zoom over 6 weeks. With only 4 women on any call, this means you get individual time with Katie each and every week.

  • Private Facebook group only open to women  of Authentically Me.

  • ​Access to Katie via email between calls for ongoing support, guidance, and accountability.

  • Designed for women who are ready to connect with others on this journey and discover what coaching is really about!

  • ​A safe, supportive & nurturing environment where you are encouraged to totally express yourself free of judgement and show up as authentically YOU!

This is for you if...

  • You are curious about coaching and want to experience it firsthand

  • You feel like connecting with other women in a safe space will be a game-changer for you

  • You feel lost and unsure of how to move ahead on your own

  • Your lack of self-trust is stopping you from moving ahead in other areas of life

  • You want to learn how to embrace who you really are with love and compassion

  • You're ready to step into being the most authentic version of you!


Ready to find out how group coaching can help?

Book your free no-obligation call now to see if Authentically Me is the best fit for you.

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