Carve out some sacred space for YOU with this nourishing & intentional

self care series!

How would it feel?

  • To increase your confidence and self esteem?

  • To develop a conscious, nourishing & intentional self care routine?

  • To embrace RADICAL self love?

  • To develop a healthy relationship with food, with your body, and with your world?

  • To fall in LOVE with what you see in the mirror?

  • To develop a feeling of worth and knowing that you are ENOUGH just as you are?

  • To live life like it's an adventure everyday and believe you can achieve everything you desire?

  • To have FREEDOM in your skin?

  • To actively take steps toward living the life of your DREAMS?

  • To move forward in life filled with self love and a deep seated TRUST in yourself?

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Seven Day

Self Care Booster

This Transformation IS FOR YOU if...

- You are ashamed of your body.

- Your body image or appearance are keeping you from living your life to the fullest.

- You feel unworthy of love, affection, or true happiness.

- Your body image is affecting your ability to be intimate with a partner.

- You are EXHAUSTED of caring what other people think.

- You've tried everything to love your body and feel like nothing will work...

If ANY of these describe you, then you're in the RIGHT PLACE!

Colored Necklaces

Are you READY to do all of those things you never thought were possible?

Do you want your body image to STOP holding you back in life?

Is living in a state of happiness and gratitude a NON-NEGOTIABLE for you from here on out?

So What does the Program Look Like?

+ 12 weekly PRIVATE 1:1 coaching sessions delivered over the phone or Zoom

+ A targeted step by step system to help you get clear on what you really want to achieve and where you want to go!

+ A fully CUSTOMIZED program designed for your specific needs to help you reach your goals and get you loving your body

+ Course materials:  Handouts, journaling assignments and experiential exercises plus so much more

+ Access to Katie via email between calls for ongoing support and accountability.  You're NEVER alone on this journey!

+ A safe, supportive & nurturing environment where you are encouraged to totally express yourself free of judgement and show up as authentically YOU!

+ Investment of $697 per month for the duration of the program. (Custom payment plans available.)

- Does self care feel like just another exhausting item on your to-do list?

- Are you sick and tired of always putting others first?

- Do you feel like there's not enough time in the day to take care of your health & happiness?

This program is a great starting point if you just need a little boost.  If you've fallen off track, if you're short on time, and if you just need a helping hand to get your self care game back then this is for you!

What's included?

+ Seven Day Self Care Booster emails arrive straight to your inbox daily.

+ Each day asks you to designate 15 minutes to your self care!  You'll be given three activities to do that will care for your body, mind & spirit.

+ They are designed to be done in small pockets of time throughout your day in whatever order suits you.

+ Perfect for parents or busy professionals, this is a fun, simple way to reconnect to YOU!

+ Investment of TBA.

*Note: Once payment has been processed, the Day One email will automatically arrive in your inbox within a few minutes!

Take Seven Days to Fill Your Cup and Invest in Your Health & Happiness