31 Body Positive Affirmations to Kick Start your Body Love Journey!

Daily affirmations can be a powerful tool in growing and lovingly transforming your body image. So what is an affirmation you may ask? It is a positive sentence that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis. It is something you aspire to achieve or grow into, yet said as if you're already there. Typically written down and kept somewhere you'll see it often (such as taped to your bathroom mirror), affirmations are read out loud to yourself each day.

Affirmations are something that have been a powerful tool on my own body positive journey and I'm so excited to share them here! The great thing is that you can use affirmations in so many different areas of your life. Everything from body image, finances, career, family, love, the list rally is endless!

Though the concept may seem simple, they have been shown to really transform the way you see yourself and your life. The theory behind how they work is that when you begin saying affirmations each day, you may not believe them. Over time through repetition the idea sinks into your subconscious mind and becomes your reality. They are a easy, accessible way to begin to correct and change your limiting beliefs to open the door to new possibilities in your life.

The following are daily affirmations specifically centered around body positivity, confidence, and saying "yes" to living your best life! I strongly encourage you to pick 3 or 4 and write them down. Post them somewhere you'll see them often and repeat them aloud to yourself at least once daily. If none of the affirmations below are your cup of tea, then go ahead and create your own! As long as they're written in the present tense (as in "I am" or "I have" instead of "I wish I was"...) and written in the positive, you're good to go!

  1. I am amazingly strong and powerful.

  2. I am courageous and brave.

  3. I choose to know that I am enough.

  4. I am my own biggest cheerleader.

  5. I live my best life each and every day.

  6. My body is worth celebrating every single day.

  7. My body is the vehicle to achieving my biggest and brightest dreams.

  8. I am more than a body, I am me and I am perfect.

  9. My body deserves all the love I so freely give to others.

  10. I am worthy of unconditional love & acceptance.

  11. In each moment I am the best version of me.

  12. I am sexy in every way.

  13. I am my own kind of perfect.

  14. My opinion is the only one that matters.

  15. I love myself in the present as I continue to grow and evolve.

  16. I am grateful for my ________ (fill in the blank with any body part you have a hard time loving).

  17. I accept myself for where I am in the present moment.

  18. I choose kindness and self-compassion as my first step on this journey.

  19. Food is not something that is earned, it is a gift for my body to keep it healthy and strong.

  20. My worth is not defined by a number on a scale.

  21. I create my own definition of what beautiful is.

  22. I respect and honour myself at every size.

  23. I embrace my unique body.

  24. Exercise is a form of self love, not punishment.

  25. I kick ass at being me.

  26. I'm comfortable and at home in my skin.

  27. I say yes to speaking to myself with love and kindness.

  28. I am allowed to take up space.

  29. My body is a sacred temple.

  30. I am open to new and exciting experiences every day.

  31. I love myself. (To make this even more powerful, say "I love you" while looking at yourself in a mirror!)

I'm wishing you all the love, confidence, and happiness in the world! Let daily affirmations be the first step and integral part of your very own personal journey to loving and accepting your body.


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