Three Ways that Having a Health Coach will be a Game Changer in Your Life!

So you've heard of Health Coaches. And Life Coaches. Nutrition Coaches. Wellness Coaches. There are many titles that may be used by professionals in the coaching industry, but do you know what they all mean and what a coach can do? How will having a coach make the difference to you?

Coaching has been around for a long time, but what is it?

Most of us are familiar with coaching when it comes to sports. Think of a soccer or football coach. They are an individual with a specific set of skills. They educate their team, develop training and make sure all of the members of the team have the ability to carry out the tasks that are demanded of them. The provide their players with moral and physical support. They push them when they need to, motivate them, and help them be their absolute best. But they do NOT step out onto the field. They don't play the game for them. In fact, many sports coaches have never played at the level of the athletes they are coaching. But they don't need to.

This analogy of a sports coach carries over very well to other types of coaching. Whether it's Health Coaching, Life Coaching, or something in between, the same guidelines apply. Coaches do many things that we'll explore below, but they don't play the game. They don't do the work of making changes. That's up to the players in life.

What's the difference between different types of Coaches? Some are fairly self-explanatory, while others are completely open to interpretation. Here is a brief overview:

Health Coach - A Health Coach acts as a guide to help a client implement healthy habit change and create behaviours that are beneficial to their health in a variety of ways. Can be anything from nutrition, to exercise, to sleep, to weight loss and everything in between. If it involves health, it can fall under this category.

Wellness Coach - A play on a Health Coach. May have a more broad view of what wellness means instead of a specific health concern.

Holistic Health Coach - A health coach who takes a well-rounded view on all things health and sees how they inter-relate. Looking at health from a holistic standpoint.

Nutrition Coach - Coaches specifically around nutrition.

Body Image Coach - Coaches specifically around body image.

Life Coach - Coaches around all manner of challenges. Most life coaches will have a specialty though. Everything from finances, to relationships, to risk taking and so much more can fall under this category. They help people implement habits and behaviours that support reaching a specific goal or level of achievement.

This is just a brief overview of the types of coaches that are out there, but regardless of what type of coach you're interested in, there's one big question to ask: What kind of training do coaches receive?

The following information pertains to Australia only. At the moment there are a variety of bodies that offer training and registration, but it is completely voluntary. As this is an unregulated industry anyone could slap their name next to the title of "Health Coach" and be on their merry way. It's super important to make sure that the Coach in question has undergone training and is recognized by a regulatory body. This will vary greatly from country to country, and even further from region to region, so do your due diligence and look into it! Ask the Coach what type of training they've received, what qualifications they've been certified under and if they're undergoing any continuing education. You have every right to know this if you're considering working with a Coach, so do not hesitate to ask! Anyone who shies away from these questions is probably someone you don't want to be working with.

So why would you want a coach anyway? What difference can having a coach on board make in helping you reach your goals and change your life for the better? There are three things in particular that coaches offer that will make it different than going alone. Different than just jumping on Google and crossing your fingers. Those three things are: the right system, support, and accountability.

Let's talk System.

Here I'm talking about the plan. The nitty gritty. The day to day stuff. So you come to a Health Coach with a specific goal to reach. Say you want to lose 10 lbs or get a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Your Coach will put together a system to get you there. This will have guidelines and will outline the steps you need to take. This is not trial and error or guesswork. Simply put, it's the "what" and the "how".

Be Supported.

We all need support. Support is a helping hand when you're down. It's providing uplifting or motivational words when you feel like giving up. It's answering questions and being an integral part of your journey. Each Health Coach will have a particular way of providing support, but rest assured this element is critical in any sort of coaching relationship.

The right Accountability.

So you set out some goals and created some step by step actions to follow. Did you follow through? This is where coaching takes it to the next level. It's one thing for you to know that you didn't follow through, but suddenly knowing that someone will be checking in with you is a game changer. Different people work best with different levels and different types of accountability. For some a simple phone call or email will suffice, while for others a detailed food journal submitted daily might be the way to go. Depending on your individual goals, your Coach, and your preferences, you will be held accountable in a way that works for you!

These three things - the right system, support, and accountability - are the things that bring it to the next level.

Working with a Health Coach will take the guesswork out of your health journey. And working with the right Health Coach will make the process fun, easy, and truly transformative. Making changes in your health shouldn't be hard. In fact, with the right elements in place, it is simple, intuitive, and will set you on the path to getting exactly where you want to go.

So, what do you do now? If you want to make a change or if you feel like your health is lacking. If your body image is in the toilet, or you're seeking clarity and direction and you want to find a way to feel nourished in all areas of your life, then click here to schedule a time to talk with me today! Let's work together to help you feel more energized, healthy, and alive than ever before! Even if nothing has worked before, I promise working with a Health Coach will be a game changer. You've got nothing to lose ans so much to gain!

To your health & happiness!

Katie xx