90 Self Care Ideas to get you started!

This month has been all about self care! With September being #SelfCareSeptember, we've been talking all about what self care is and how to incorporate it into your life.

Self care is something that is supposed to add goodness to your life. To make you feel yummy, nourished, and happy. It should add feelings of beauty, joy, and peace. Even make you feel fulfilled and taken care of!

If something elicits feelings of guilt, unhappiness or stress it really isn’t self care at all. That’s so important to remember as you begin to create new and nourishing self care routines in your daily life.

Remember, even a few minutes can do a world of good! It doesn't need to be expensive, time consuming, or fancy to be self care. Even taking 2 minutes to do some deep breathing in your car after grocery shopping is self care. It's all about what feels good to YOU!

Below is a list of 90 self care ideas to get you started! Should you do all of them?? Only if you want to! But you don’t have to… This list was designed to help you get your mind working. Think of it as a brainstorm. Use this as a starting point.

I recommend reading through them all and circling or highlighting 10-15 things that stand out to you. Things that sound fun, relaxing, and like something you really want in your life.

Then have a look at your calendar and try to do at least one each week for the next few weeks! If you can do more without adding stress to your life then great, but it’s better to have few things that feel good than too many that feel frenzied.

Have fun, get creative and enjoy!

  1. Go for a walk in nature

  2. Take 5 minutes to read a book of your choice

  3. Listen to a podcast episode or audio book

  4. Buy yourself some flowers

  5. Put on your favourite music and dance

  6. Cook yourself a nutritious meal or snack

  7. Enjoy a mindful cup of tea

  8. Get down on the floor and stretch your muscles for a few minutes

  9. Meet a friend for lunch or coffee



Put on a diffuser with some relaxing essential oils

  1. Jazz up your water with lemon, lime, ginger or cucumber for a day

  2. Read a trashy magazine

  3. Have a bath with epsom salts and essential oils

  4. Take a few hours to catch up on your favourite tv shows

  5. Get a manicure (either at home or at a spa)

  6. Get a facial (either at home or at a spa)

  7. Get a massage (either at home or at a spa)

  8. Meditate using an app or Youtube video

  9. Go on a vacation

  10. Get outside and enjoy the season! Go for a bike ride, swim, or walk through your city

  11. Go to bed one hour early or allow yourself to sleep late

  12. Call a friend and catch up

  13. Play a board game or a card game with a friend

  14. Go for an acupuncture or chiropractic treatment

  15. Put yourself on a 1 hour technology time out and tune back into yourself

  16. Journal three things you’re grateful for in this moment (do it daily for bonus points!)

  17. Put some time aside to sit and enjoy the sunrise or sunset

  18. Snuggle a pet or child for a few minutes (your own… don’t steal anyone else’s!)

  19. Take 5 minutes to do some deep breathing and calm your mind & body

  20. Do oil pulling first thing in the morning

  21. Dry brush your whole body

  22. Touch yourself (yep, I mean like THAT!) and enjoy the feelings & sensations of your body

  23. Give back and volunteer your time for a good cause

  24. Watch a stand up comedy act and laugh! (live or on tv)

  25. Take 5 minutes to do some grounding exercises

  26. Do some meal prep for the week ahead to reduce stress and stay organized

  27. Start each day with a big glass of warm lemon water

  28. Plan a big night out with some friends

  29. Declutter your social media: unfollow accounts that don’t add happiness or joy to your life

  30. Go to the movies alone and watch something you’ve been dying to see

  31. Get a pedicure

  32. Book a session with a professional who can help you deal with challenging situations or feelings

  33. Write a list of 10 people you’re grateful for and why (people you know personally, family members, friends, world leaders, etc.)

  34. Join a club or meetup group to meet like-minded people in your area

  35. Clean out your closet and give away some old clothes to charity

  36. Get all dressed up including hair, makeup, etc just for yourself

  37. Go to the park or beach and have a picnic, even if it's by yourself

  1. Lock yourself in your room and cry if you want to

  2. Try cooking a brand new recipe you think sounds delicious but haven’t gotten around to

  3. Read your favourite blog

  4. Create a vision board and hang it in a space it will inspire you daily

  5. Do a jigsaw puzzle

  6. Indulge in your favourite sweet treat guilt free!

  7. Plan what you'd do if you won the lottery (allow yourself to dream big!

  8. Declutter and organize the space you spend the most time in

  9. Take a few minutes to do some EFT (also known as tapping. Check out the video to learn more!)

  1. Take a social media break for an entire weekend

  2. Enjoy an afternoon at your local art gallery or museum

  3. Create your own bucket list and dream big!

  4. Write down all of things you want to have accomplished over the next 10 years

  5. Go to a bar and strike up a conversation with someone using a made up persona

  6. Say “no” to something you feel pressured to agree to

  7. Go for a brisk walk or jog to get your heart rate pumping

  8. Create a new uplifting music playlist

  9. Go shopping and buy an outfit you feel fabulous in

  10. Order in dinner instead of having to cook & clean up

  11. Write a letter to someone in your life you need to forgive - even if it’s yourself

  12. Call someone you’re grateful for and tell them

  13. Get your hair cut & styled

  14. Go for a drive without a plan or destination

  15. Have sex

  16. Learn to speak a new language

  17. Try a new physical activity like boxing, belly dancing, rock climbing or zumba

  18. Take a nap

  19. Turn on some music and sing at the top of your lungs

  20. Exfoliate your whole body then moisturize with a beautiful, luxurious cream

  21. Do some creative writing: imagine a scenario and let yourself get carried away in it

  22. Go to a cafe, get a delicious drink and enjoy the atmosphere

  23. Create some affirmations to help put you in a positive headspace

  24. Go skinny dipping

  25. Be naughty and play hookie from everything for a day (work, making the bed, laundry, the to-do list)

  26. Do something creative like drawing, painting, or scrapbooking

  27. Stop and smell the roses. Literally find some flowers at your local botanical garden or park and enjoy them!

  1. Give yourself a foot soak, scrub, and moisturize

  2. Sit in a quiet spot - a front porch, balcony, yard, wherever - and just sit. Be still. No phone allowed.

  3. Watch cute animal videos on Youtube

  4. Go on a day trip to somewhere that inspires you

  5. Take a long, hot shower by candlelight and picture all of your stress flowing off your body and down the drain

  6. Find something that inspires you: a blog, Instagram account, a self-help book, or a new activity and incorporate it into your life

  7. Write yourself a thank you letter for all that you are, all that you do, and all that you’re becoming

Happy Self Care September!

Katie xx