Using Crystals to Up Your Vibe in Life!

When my gorgeous friend Katie asked me to write a guest blog for her page on how to use crystals to up the vibe after a visit to my home, it's needless to say I was honoured. My second thought that came to mind was “where do I even start”...

I have been utilizing the energies of crystals for many years now, both in my home and on my person. Anyone who has immersed themselves in the world of crystals already will know it can very easily become a hobby for life!

Each type of crystal has a different colour, a different crystal growth structure and holds different metaphysical vibrational frequencies. Some crystals offer protection, cleansing, abundance, even better sleep.

Ways to use Crystals in the Home

There are many ways to use crystals in the home, these are but a few basic examples.

1. Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are a great way to assist in manifestation of your desires. Crystal grids can be small with only a few stones up to large grids with large pieces, the options are endless. Let your creativity be your guide!

Each crystal is said to have different metaphysical properties; for example Rose Quartz holds a love vibrational frequency and clear Quartz amplifies the frequencies of all other stones around it.

Crystal gridding is achieved by laying the stones out in your desired pattern. You can use stones that hold the properties of whatever you wish to manifest (abundance, health, love, money, etc.) but you can also up the ante by setting the intention and activating each crystal through meditation with each piece. Even a quick minute whilst touching the stone, clearing your mind and focusing on your desire for that which you wish the stone to help bring into your life will do. You can be as broad as you like, however if you can visualize the dream and place that vision into the stone this can help to bring a more desired outcome. However, it is important to ensure you don’t limit the possibility of your dream coming to you by having a set idea of how you will achieve your goal. For example if you are constructing an abundance grid, envision you being abundant, not how you will achieve the abundance. For you might think you will manifest the lotto, but maybe you have a relative that would gift you the money. Leave the details to the universe!

2. Protection

One of the ways I utilize crystals in my home is for protection. Amethyst is very relaxing and a great protection stone and I have one placed in each corner of my home. This guards me against anyone with ill will towards my family. I must admit I have a particular attraction to Amethyst and have more than the 4 pieces I use to grid my home in the corners, but in my own personal experience, this has worked time and time again. People that have invited themselves or those who I have invited that I haven’t been sure of their intentions towards me haven’t visited my home despite multiple attempts to do so. Black Tourmaline is also another great protector and dispeller of negative energies when placed in each corner or for a personal healing at the foot of the bed overnight to draw out any undesirable energies you may be holding.

3. Energy Cleansing

Crystals are a fantastic way of cleansing unwanted energies from the home or any space you feel guided to do so. Selenite is an amazing but fragile (cannot be put outside) crystal that not only cleanses the space in the room but also cleanses other crystals within its space.

Cleansing your crystals is extremely important and is most often done under a full moon once a month. But if you don’t have a safe space to put your crystals outside, Selenite can do the work for you. Another way to cleanse your crystals is by using a singing bowl. The vibrations from the bowl can shake up and release any energies the crystal has absorbed as protection for you. If you are heading to the beach, take some of your crystals with you as salt water is an incredible cleansing technique. There are even crystals such as Shungite which is reputed to transmute EMFs from electronic devices in your home. They are also reportedly fantastic for cleansing water when used in a water filtration device.

4. Healing

This is a much-debated topic, however in my personal experience Crystals can work with you to help you adjust your own personal frequencies that may be blocking you. They may not heal, as such, but they can most definitely assist you by drawing away undesirable energies and also enable you to adjust your own vibrational frequencies to optimum levels. Rose Quartz is a prime example of this with its amazing abilities to open your heart and home to love. If you have worked with Rose Quartz you will understand exactly the energy this powerful stone emanates.

As someone who works with releasing energies no longer desired, my crystal grid structure in my home assists others that visit with this task as well leaving me with much more energy to hold a safe space for others while they release and heal any issues bearing weight upon them.

5. Decoration

Last but not least, let’s face it, crystals are stunning and can be an amazing addition to any home along with any benefits from the metaphysical properties they hold. An Amethyst Geode or a large clear crystal point is sure to sparkle up any room in the house!

How do I know which Crystals to choose?

You don’t need to worry about this factor at all. In fact, more often than not, crystals choose you. Just go with your gut instinct I have found is the best way, and don’t be surprised if your tastes change from time to time as you heal and release energies. When this happens new crystals will call to you.

You can work with these crystals during meditations or carrying them upon your person and when you are ready the next master crystal teacher will begin to present itself to you, giving you the opportunity to continue your healing and growth.

Common Crystals and their Properties