Five Body Positive Healthy Holiday Hints

This time of year, the media is full of conflicting images. Enjoy Christmas treats and a big traditional dinner! Indulge, be merry, and have fun! Go to the parties, drink the champagne, and remember to buy lots of gifts! Oh wait, but the new year is coming, so do you have your resolution yet?? Eat everything now because in a week you won't be allowed to! Pick your new diet now! And save money, your budget needs it! Plus remember to not be stressed...

If this sounds familiar, it's because we are CONSTANTLY being exposed to it everywhere we go. When you see those conflicting messages side by side it's easy to see that it's all a cash grab! Get people to spend a ton of money, over-spend, over-indulge, then feel guilty and run to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Honestly, right now you might be in a place that looks like this:

1. Holidays

2. Over-indulge

3. Guilt

4. New Year's resolution

5. Falling into the same habits

6. Guilt

7. No habit change

8. Be in the same place next year.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

What is your holiday season could look something like:

1. Holidays

2. Enjoy everything in moderation, listen to your body, keep stress in check

3. Feel great

4. Welcome the New Year

5. Set goals for yourself to help you enjoy your life more every single day

6. Set yourself up for inevitable success

7. Healthy habit change

8. Feel awesome

How do we do this you might ask??

Here are Five Healthy Body Positive Holiday hacks that will keep you feeling healthy, balanced, and set you up for success!


1. Focus on what the holidays are really about.

Whether you celebrate as a religious holiday or not, Christmas really is about a few things. Celebration, connection and family.

By creating a strong focus on what the holidays really mean for you, you'll be able to reduce stress, reduce the focus on food or alcohol, and really enjoy yourself! At get togethers, it's great to focus on activities that are not only meal related and that adults and children alike can enjoy! This can be something like games, charades, holiday movies, crafts, active play, going for a walk, etc.

2. Food: Ditch the guilt and put some love into what you eat.

During the holidays it's almost expected that there will be a binge on sweet foods, alcohol, big extravagant meals, and that it's impossible to eat health promoting foods.

But what if you could enjoy everything in balance and cut the guilt all together?

Eat the cookies, eat the cake. But don't eat 20 cookies or half a cake. Focus on quality over quantity. Enjoy those sweet holiday treats, and enjoy that veggie platter and salad too.

Often at parties, by bringing a dish we really love and that makes us feel great (hello salads, hummus & veggie platter, etc.) it makes it a whole lot easier to enjoy the foods you love and enjoy the foods that make you feel great!!

If food isn't the main focus of the celebration, you don't get rip roaring drunk daily, and you don't put anything off limits, you're much more likely to feel great, lose the guilt, and enjoy the festivities!

3. Put a focus on how you eat.

Just as eating all things in moderation and choosing heath promoting foods is important, so is looking at HOW you eat!