Three Powerful Tools to Support Yourself Through Life Transitions

As a certified Holistic Health & Life Coach, I use a wide variety of tools to help ease the stress of change and growth. The truth is, transitioning in life can be scary! It can bring up fear, anxiety, lead to feelings of depression, overthinking, and the dreaded freeze where you know you need to act but instead you do NOTHING at all.

To be clear, I'm talking about a variety of life transitions - this could be moving, starting a new job, leaving a relationship, losing a friend or family member, or really anything else that feels like a big shift. It could even be an internal transition in how you see yourself or your internal dialogue. It doesn't have to be a physical change to feel like a transition.

We are taught from the time we are children how to grow, how to reach our goals, get more stuff and expand our reach. We are generally not taught how to let go and release what no longer serves us. This means transitions can feel like loss, like a time of grieving, and can easily become overwhelming.

That's where these tools play a vital role! Each of them is here to support you. They will help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Transitions in life don't need to be heart-wrenching and we don't need to fall apart and lose ourselves each time something shifts. Learning to go with the flow and move forward with ease is a wonderful skill to have and these tools will support you on life's journey.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years as plant medicine. They each have different properties that can create feelings of calm, peace, happiness, resilience, and allow you to manage your emotions with ease.

Change cannot be avoided, but the beautiful thing is that these oils can always lend a helping hand. They are powerful on their own, and when paired with coaching they are a beautiful support system and provide a path to step forth with courage.

Essential oils are easy to use, safe, simple, and it's recommended that you only use doTERRA essential oils. These essential oils are the purest available on the market so you can rest assured they will support all aspects of your health at once. Free of fillers, toxins and synthetic fragrance, they're potent and pure. Your body and your health deserve to be nourished and well cared for, and that's just what these pure non-toxic oils will do.

Here are some specific oils that I recommended to help support life transitions:

Lavender: The oil of communication & calm

This oil is known as the Queen of calm. When feeling anxious, overwhelmed or tense, it can relieve the pressure and allow a gentle relaxing to allow peace to come in. Lavender is wonderful in encouraging an emotional openness and allows individuals to be self-assured, centered, and to feel peace and calm through life's ups and downs.

Peppermint: The oil of a buoyant heart

Simply smelling this divine oil brings lightness and happiness to a space of darkness. It can assist in relieving feelings of worry, hopelessness, pain, or pessimism and create a positive atmosphere. Peppermint oil allows individuals to move ahead through emotionally challenging times feeling empowered and optimistic.

Rosemary: The oil of knowledge & transition

This oil is wonderful for focus and productivity. It can help teach that we each go through transitions in life and there is a lot we may not understand, and that it not to be worried about. When individuals can trust in a higher power than themselves, suddenly life changes feel less overwhelming and allows action moving ahead to feel easy and clear.

Siberian Fir: The oil of aging & perspective

This oil provides support during times of transition and loss in life. It encourages feelings of grounding, centering, and deep reflection which allows individuals to move forward feeling strong and self-assured. Just like the trees it comes from, Siberian Fir has a strong, steady energy that can be reassuring through periods of change.

Wild Orange: The oil of abundance

This gorgeous uplifting citrus oil allows the release of feelings of fear, scarcity, and uncertainty. It uplifts the spirit, teaches that there is always enough for everyone, and helps open the channel to creativity. Using Wild Orange can teach individuals to tap into their true selves and trust they'll get exactly what they need as life unfolds.

Lemongrass: The oil of cleansing

This oil is a powerful reliever of toxic or negative emotions. It can assist individuals to move forward in transitions having let go of fear and negativity. This makes Lemongrass very helpful in periods of transition as it provides clarity and helps create a healthy level of release and non-attachment as one steps ahead.