Top Essential Oils for Healthy Travel

Many people love to travel... I sure do!

Whether it's a weekend away, a road trip to visit family, an overseas vacation, or international business, it's common for us to be away from home sometimes! Travel isn't all fun and games though... it definitely comes with some unique health challenges.

Some common challenges many people encounter while traveling include:

  • Irregular sleep

  • Troubled digestion

  • Increased stress

  • Immune support

  • Reducing toxin exposure

One amazing way to help manage all of the above challenges (plus more) is to incorporate pure, high quality CPTG tested essential oils into your routine!

I've narrowed it down to my top 10 essential oil recommendations, with a couple bonus oils thrown in at the end for good measure.


1. Lemon

This citrus oil is a personal favourite and is one that I use daily while at home and traveling! Add 1 drop to a big glass of water first thing in the morning to help your body detox naturally (great daily, but especially if you had a big night out!). Put 1 drop into your hands and inhale for an immediate energy boost. Plus great to help boost moods and create an uplifted attitude.

2. Digest Zen

Traveling can mean new foods, changing time zones, overindulging in alcohol, and all sorts of other things that can leave your tummy not so happy. By taking one drop internally in water plus using the Touch roller bottle on your stomach, many common stomach problems such as bloating, gas, and indigestion can be managed and get you feeling back at the top of your game in no time.

3. Frankincense

Oh Frank how I love you... This gorgeous oil is a beautiful grounding and calming oil that can be used by breathing one drop in, used topically on your spine or over your heart, or you can put 1 drop under the tongue when in a stressful situation. As an added bonus it's also wonderful on the skin for dryness, sunburn, and red spots. Simply add 1 drop to your regular moisturizer to reap the benefits!

4. Lavender

Lavender is beautifully calming, is perfect for anxious travelers, and can help diffuse stressful situations. By inhaling from the bottle or from 1 drop in your palm, it promotes relaxation. A perfect sleep aid for when you're in a different bed (and/or different time zone), simply put 1 drop on your pillow or on an eye mask to promote sleep. Can also be used on the skin to soothe sunburn and reduce inflammation & redness.

5. Peppermint

Perfect for that mood boost! This uplifting minty aroma can be a great energizer when you're exhausted from being on the road. Inhale from the bottle or put 1 drop in a tissue and put into your cars air vents. It's also a great headache reliever. Simply put 1 drop in your palm, inhale deeply, then rub onto your neck and/or temples for relief. Very calming for the stomach and can help relieve motion sickness too. Also cooling on a sunburn when diluted and applied to the skin.

6. On Guard

This gorgeous blend is perfect for immune support! Travel can often mean being in close quarters with a lot of people and being exposed to a lot of germs. Nobody wants to get sick while traveling! On Guard comes in many forms which make it perfect for the road! Touch is pre-diluted and perfect to be put straight on the skin. Roll onto soles of feet and up the spine 3-5 times a day to help support immune system. Take beadlets as directed to support the immune system from the inside out, or for stronger support, take the softgels as directed. Conveniently comes in a sanitizing mist which is great for kids and for adults when proper hand washing isn't an option!

7. F.L.O.O.M. immune support blend

This is a DIY blend that is the ultimate immune support blend! Use to support the immune system through colds and flu. Make ahead of travel and bring it with you... you won't regret it! Apply using roller bottle to bottoms of feet and up spine 3-5 times per day for a few days to help ward off illness.

To make combine in a 10 ml roller bottle:

  • Frankincense 10 drops

  • Lemon 10 drops

  • Oregano 10 drops

  • On Guard 10 drops

  • Melaleuca/Tea Tree 10 drops

Top up the bottle with fractionated coconut oil and get rolling!

Note: This is a strong adult blend intended to be used for just a few days. Must be further diluted for children.

8. TerraShield

If you're going to be traveling anywhere with bugs or mosquitoes this is a must have! Non-toxic, smells great, works just as well (if not better) than traditional insect repellents, and easy to use on the whole family. Comes full strength, or in a handy pre-diluted spray ready to be tossed in your luggage.

9. Deep Blue Rub

Also called Ice Blue Rub, this cream is made with the athletic blend of oils and is perfect for travel! Rub on muscles that are sore from sitting for too long, from picking up heavy luggage, or engaging in activities that your body isn't used to. This cream helps promote a healthy inflammatory response and soothe achy muscles on the whole family.

10. Correct-X

First-aid essential ointment! Cuts and scrapes are inevitable, so instead of reaching for the chemical-filled creams, toss this in your toiletry bag and use for minor skin irritations and abrasions on your trip.

Bonus: These are two of my favourite blends that deserve an honourable mention!


Balancing, calming, grounding, soothing. Perfect for relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and creating great emotional balance while traveling. Can also help promote restful sleep and a relaxed atmosphere. Inhale straight from the bottle, put one drop in your palm and sniff, or dilute and apply to pulse points to reap the benefits.

Easy Air

This blend helps open airways, calms the body, and promotes easy breathing. Put 1 drop on a tissue and put in the air vent of a car, put 1 drop on your pillow before bed, or apply topically to bottoms of feet and chest to support healthy respiratory function. A great one when you get stuck in a stuffy hotel room or are on a long road trip.


This is a small collection compared to the oils I generally bring... it's just so hard to choose!

But without a doubt, these are my must-haves.

I would love to hear what oils you bring with you on your next trip and how you use them!

Have questions? Need some clarification? Email me here.

If you don't have essential oils in your life yet and you'd like to learn more about reducing your exposure to toxins in your home and finding natural alternatives, I'd be honoured to share with you and get you started down that path. Get in touch with me to make some magic happen!

Here's to living a life of health, of happiness, and of freedom.

-Katie x

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