Three Steps to Move You Forward When You Feel Stuck.

Asking yourself how to move ahead when you feel stuck is challenging! Like banging your head into a brick wall challenging. But getting stuck is also inevitable. This is something that literally every single person in the world has dealt with at some time. We all feel stuck at some point, and it can be really be challenging to step forward out of that.

Let's talk about where to begin.

Whether your stuck-ness is:

> Within a friendship or relationship

> In your career or job

> In your health & well-being

> In your living situation

> Or in another personal matter

... these steps will apply.

Firstly, you’ve got to gain some clarity. Before anything else, identify where you are stuck!

It's important to note that this can be easier said than done. Sometimes when we are feeling stuck, we just know that we're stuck somewhere, but we can't always put our finger on it. So take a few moments and ask yourself where you’re feeling stuck. Think about it, journal, meditate, go through whatever your personal reflective process is. Really do this to help yourself gain clarity on your challenge - and therefore your solution.

Once you’ve gained clarity and you can put your finger on your stuck-ness, ask this one BIG question.

How can you step forward to create a 1% shift in this stuck spot? Keep it simple. We all tend to over-complicate things. Ask what is the easiest or simplest way you can create a 1% shift.

One problem: humans tend to look at the big picture. At the 99% that we want to change. But right now that’s not really your concern. And if you focus on that, then you're going to be overwhelmed. Which means you're going to not do anything and then you're going to remain stuck. (PS. how do you think you got there in the first place?)

So that's why we really like to ask the question, what is just ONE thing? How can you shift the needle by just 1%?

Some ideas include:

> Connecting with one new person

> Journaling about your challenge

> Reading a self-help book

> Asking for support from a friend or family member

> Researching and finding the information you're lacking

> Say yes to a coaching opportunity

This is going to be unique for everybody - the bonus is there's no wrong answer!

The MOST important thing is to simplify. If you’re thinking “I could do this and this and then these 10 more things…”, that’s going to backfire. Try to not be concerned with those 10 more things right now. It will quickly overwhelm you and then nothing will happen. If you’re worried about missing steps down the road, you can always take note of your next 10 steps in a journal then put it away. You'll probably need them eventually, but not right now so they're not our concern.

The next step is simple - how can you make your success inevitable?

You're feeling stuck, you've identified your stuck-ness, you have identified your 1% that can shift the needle. How can you create the conditions for inevitable success?

Perhaps this looks like creating accountability in your life, whether it's with a coach, a friend, or a family member. This may be scheduling that task by actually sitting down with the calendar and picking a time that you're going to do it. Or announcing it publicly on social media that you're doing it! Find a way to create accountability and to ensure you follow through. There is no wrong answer in this again. YOU know what you need to be successful. Trust your intuition here.

It is not a nice feeling being stuck. But by breaking it down into small steps, you can begin the process of feeling better and creating movement.

Gain Clarity

Identify your 1%

Create Inevitable Success

These three steps make moving from that stuck state feel not only possible, but easy! Now it's time to stop reading and start asking yourself some questions. Trust that your 1% action step is the exact thing that you need!