Four Life-Changing ways to Celebrate Your Body (even when you're still learning to be okay with it)

Celebrating your body might feel hella exciting to you!

Or it might feel SUPER uncomfortable.

Either way, I hear you.

And I celebrate that you are here!

Creating a positive relationship with your body can be confusing.

As a woman, you have been told your entire life that your value is dependent on your appearance.

That having the "perfect" body will make you happy.

And that you will fall head over heels and have mind blowing sex - but only if your body is slim and toned like that of a movie star.

Even if these things have never been said to you directly, the media exacerbates this every day.

The fact is that it's all a lie.

You are allowed to feel at home in your body no matter your health status, your level of ability, or your appearance.

You can be over the moon happy and filled with joy regardless of what you look like.

Fat people fall in love every single day and have enviable sex lives - even though they have cellulite, rolls and stretch marks.

And you can appreciate and celebrate the skin you're in right now, even though you may still be coming to terms with your unique body.

Your body is your home. You are stuck in it for life.

It's time to sign that peace treaty and bring a little joy and celebration into the equation.

If you're ready to celebrate the skin you're in and cultivate a positive, accepting and kind relationship with your body, here are four incredibly simple yet life-changing ways to make it happen!

Get Your Body Moving

Your body was made to move! There's a reason your brain produces endorphins when you break into a sweat and you get aches and pains when you sit still for too long.

So much of our lives are sedentary - sitting on the couch, in the car, at a desk - that your body might just be CRAVING some good old fashion movement!

Put on your favourite song, find a private space, and dance like your life depends on it. Revel in the feeling of your body moving, your muscles carrying you, your hips swaying to the beat. Feel the music in you and notice that the less you think about it, the easier it is to just settle in and enjoy.

Celebrate your body by allowing it to move freely and express joy!

Get Touchy (yes, like that)

You are a sexual being. Perhaps you are very connected to your sexuality, or maybe you don't see yourself as a sexual woman at all.

Many women deny their urges. They ignore their sexuality like it's dirty or something to be ashamed of. This can be a big struggle and can be triggering, so please take things at a pace that feels safe to you.

Choosing your own comfort level (and pushing it a little of course), create a safe atmosphere for yourself in a space such as your bedroom or even in the bath. Find a time you won't be disturbed, dim the lights, put on your favourite candle or oil diffuser, and touch yourself. If you are in your bed and it feels safer to remain clothed, then do that. If it feels okay to be naked, then do that.

Your body, your choice.

Now explore! Touch your arms, hands, belly, thighs, breasts, hips, and everywhere in between. Feel with your fingertips and notice how nice it can feel to just stroke your skin. Continue at your own pace and begin to find what feels pleasurable to you. Are your breasts sensitive? Perhaps there's a spot on your belly that is ticklish or a little spot that just feels damn gooooood.

If this progresses to masturbation and orgasm, then by all means go for it girl! Enjoy your body and revel in all that it can do.

If it doesn't go there, that's okay too. This is about you spending time with yourself and celebrating how good it can feel to just touch your skin and be in the moment with your body, no pressure attached.

Choose Kind Acts

A kind act doesn't have to be complicated or challenging. When you want to be kind to your body, simply act with that intention.

> Choose healthy foods that energize you and light you up.

> Drink enough water to be properly hydrated.

> Use non-toxic beauty products so that you're not sacrificing your body's health for a look.

> Go to bed early and get the rest your mind and body crave.

Understand that all day everyday, your body is working hard to keep you alive. It literally doesn't have another purpose. It's not here to look a certain way or fit into society's mold. It's here to keep you alive.

So far it has a 100% success rate.

Celebrate your body by helping it out and giving it what it needs to flourish and keep up that track record!

Practice Gratitude

Your body's work is a thankless job. All day everyday it keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and your neurons firing.

Intentionally step into a space of gratitude. Notice all that your body does, everything that is unique about you, and express gratitude for it!

A great practice is once each day - either in a journal, a conversation, or a social media post - share what you're grateful for that day. Some days it will be a healthy digestive system, the fact that your eyes are that intense shade of blue, or that you have strong fingernails. Other days it might just simply be that you woke up that morning or you can walk with no pain.

It doesn't always have to be a big, epic thing. Being grateful for any little thing counts.

Celebrate your body by tapping into gratitude for all that it is and all that it does for you!

It's time to get on out there, connect to your body in a meaningful way, and celebrate the skin you're in!