Self Love is One of the Biggest Mindset Pieces in Business

Self love is NOT just fluff.

There is a big misconception that when you work on your relationship with yourself or your body, that it's just rainbows and butterflies. That it's not tangible or really applicable to your growth and success as a small busines owner.

It can feel like a "nice to have" and is put off until you've "got your business off the ground".

There's your first mistake.

Any business coach, mentor or expert worth your time will tell you that a BIG part of running a small business is having a solid mindset.

As a business owner, what are your limiting beliefs? What stories are you telling yourself about your ability to succeed? Where are you stopping yourself?

If your inner critic is screaming...

"Nobody wants to work with a fat person"
"You're disgusting. You've got to lose weight before putting your offers out there"
"Ugh gross look at the lines on your face... there's no way you're posting that photo"
"Do a video? Hah! I'll think about when I lose another two dress sizes"
"You can't get branding photos taken at your age/size, you'll just be laughed at"

... then what hope in the world do you have to actually make solid sales?

It's hard (read: nearly impossible) to have a successful business while keeping it a secret.

You have got to be loud and proud in the world with your offers, the work you do, and how you help people.

One of the key foundations of making sales that most people in business can agree on is the need to nurture the know, like and trust factor (KLT) with your audience.

The premise of the KLT is that in order for people to feel comfortable and excited about working with you and engaging with your brand, they've got to:

  1. Know who you are and what you stand for

  2. Decide that they like what you're all about

  3. Develop the trust that you are the one who can provide the service/product that can solve their problem

If you're not willing to show up and share with your audience who you are, they're going to have one hell of a time getting to know you, which will make it really difficult for them to decide if they like you, and developing trust? You can imagine how that's gonna be a bit of an issue...

If every fiber of your being is screaming at you that you're not good enough and that's the energy that's going into all of your social posts, marketing choices, and even decisions on how to run your programs (ie. not doing Zoom calls or being less visible because you don't want your audience to see you live and unfiltered), then you are stacking the odds against your success BIG time.

Self love work (from a business perspective) looks like:

> feeling comfortable and at ease showing up as the real, authentic you
> being willing to be seen by your audience on video and in photos in the body you've got
> knowing deep in your heart that you are the best person to do what you do and sharing it with the world
> seeing your perceived flaws as your biggest superpowers
> feeling confident and free to be yourself in all areas of your business

The culmination of these shifts is that it becomes easier to create a deeper, more genuine connection with your ideal clients and convert more sales with ease.

Yes, really.

If you've been wondering how self love could possibly help with your business growth, this is it baby!

It is the ultimate mindset shift.

Knowing that you deserve to be there. You absolutely can create the thriving business you've been dreaming of. You are enough.

All the other mindset work?

Money mindset, success mindset, learning mindset, goal-focused mindset.