Self Sabotage is Misguided Self Love

Most people struggle with sabotage at some point in life. Whether trying to reach a health goal or achieve a lifelong dream, we tend to sabotage ourselves. Not showing up, not doing what we said we would do, falling short on commitments, and avoiding the thing we thought we wanted.

Sabotage is one of those things that is a normal part of life, yet it gets a lot of bad rap.

Many people hate it and consider it the enemy. It is THE thing that's keeping you from achieving your dreams, right??


Self sabotage is actually helping you. It is protecting you.

When you want to change something in your life - whether it be the food you eat, an unhealthy habit, your morning routine, or how you speak to yourself - it means you have to let go of the old.

Old habits, old routines, old mindsets.

Transformation is a continual process of letting go.

This is a scary thing! Even though you may not consciously have fear around it, some part of you on a subconscious level is always afraid of new things. This is normal.

If you've done it before and you survived, then you can do it again. And this is what your subconscious wants! Human beings love routine, we love certainty, and your brain craves things it can predict.

For example, when you want to change your morning routine, that means you have to try something new. Perhaps wake up earlier, eat different foods, maybe exercise or meditate. And though those activities seem innocuous to your conscious mind, to a part of you they are scary! They are new with potentially unknown consequences, which means they could result in pain, in you not being safe, or you not feeling like you belong.

Your brain is ALWAYS seeking ways to keep you safe. And to a human, safety means love, happiness, and belonging to a social structure.

When you sabotage your actions, your mind is simply reacting from a place of fear.

Summed up, part of you is working towards one goal (such as getting you to change your routine) and part of you is working towards another goal (keeping you safe in the routine you already know).

So you're not really sabotaging, you're just working towards a different goal than you thought.

Recognizing that part of you is feeling trapped or afraid can ease these acts of sabotage. Instead of being frustrated, beating yourself up, or feeling like a failure, you can instead choose to address the root cause - your fear!

Self love encompasses many things, and part of it is caring for yourself deeply. When you care for yourself, you keep yourself happy and safe. You respect your boundaries and tend to your needs.

Sabotage is keeping you safe.

Sabotage is self love.

The next time you find yourself sabotaging your plans or goals, pause for a moment. Give yourself some thanks. Be grateful that there is a part of you that is protective and caring. Then take the necessary steps to quell that fear.

By bringing this level of awareness to a place of sabotage, you can address the root cause, you can feel safe, you can be loved, and you can reach any goal your heart desires!


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