Taking Care of your Well-being IS Taking Care of your Business

If you think that your business and well-being are completely separate entities, I’ve got news for you…

Most entrepreneurs – especially at startup – are doing this solo. That means that you ARE your business. Even if you work with a small team, there’s a good chance that you are the linchpin. The one-piece that makes everything else work smoothly.

Perhaps you are a solopreneur and do 100% of your business tasks.

Perhaps you outsource a few things but are responsible for the majority of your business tasks.

Or perhaps you outsource a large chunk of your business, but you still have the final say and need to sign off on important decisions.

The fact is that YOU are the biggest and most important piece of this puzzle.

You didn’t get into business so that you could fail. You have a BIG desire to succeed and you do everything you can to care for this business you’ve created!

But is your wellness being left out of the equation??

Business can be stressful, the world is always pulling you in a million directions, but you need to be taken care of.

If you don’t care for your well-being, you won’t be showing up with the same energy, clarity, or drive to make big things happen. Your business deserves to have you at your absolute BEST!

Let’s look at a few simple ways you can make sure that you are caring for yourself and therefore able to give your ALL to your business!

Firstly, your body is your home. It deserves love, respect, and nourishment. If your body is not being cared for you will likely suffer low energy, an inability to focus, and you won’t be showing up as your best self!

At a minimum, make sure you are doing the basics: drinking enough water each day, eating nutritious food, getting restful sleep, reducing your exposure to toxins, and moving your body daily.

This is the bare minimum required to keep your body functioning optimally and to keep you showing up in the BEST way!

Mental & emotional well-being is just as (if not more) important as keeping the body in top shape. Your mindset and emotions play a MASSIVE role in business and in life, so prioritizing this should be a no-brainer.

Some simple ways you can improve your mental & emotional well-being include practices and routines which include: journaling, meditation, EFT, asking for the support you need, plus creating a strong sense of personal connection & community.

Humans aren’t meant to go through life alone, yet so many feel like asking for help or getting support is a bad thing.

Toss that idea aside!

There is so much strength in community and in being supported and guided through both the tough times and the good times. Whether you choose to work with a professional mentor or connect more deeply with your friends and family, ensuring your mental health is in top shape is a game-changer.

You may have heard some of these tips before, but are you actually DOING them??

If not then it’s time.

Begin by choosing ONE (yes, just one!) thing you’d like to begin incorporating, whether it be more sleep, meditation, a daily walk, or having a healthy lunch. Practice this until it becomes easy and you don’t even have to think about it!

Practice makes perfect, and it takes patience and tenacity.

Once you’ve created one new habit, you can slowly incorporate more things as needed.

Prioritizing your health & well-being while in business can feel like just one more thing on your to-do list, but in fact, it helps alleviate the stress of every other thing on there!

Do yourself a favour and give yourself some care today and every day. Your business will thank you!

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Blog post originally published on thesocialinc.co.za