Three Steps to Get You Off the Health Rollercoaster of Guilt & Perfectionism

Do you feel like you're constantly battling yourself when it comes to your health & wellness?

One week you're on the latest fad diet, you're exercising for an hour each day, all of your spare time is spent doing food prep or extra squats, and your mood is so high but you barely have time to see the people you love.

The next week you fall into a heap eating nothing but pizza and fried chicken, your couch has an imprint of your butt in it, and you feel so guilty and ashamed that you hide away from your friends and take out your frustration on your partner.

Sound familiar?

There is this idea that we have to be "all in". You've heard the saying "all or nothing" before, right? Unfortunately that's a toxic mindset that is setting you up for failure.

Caring for your health & well-being is a lifelong commitment.

Yet so many people feel like they have to set crazy goals that in reality just aren't sustainable .

Plus health & well-being is about more than just your body. It is also your mind and your emotions. If your body is fit but the cost is your mental health & emotional stability, then you're not truly healthy. Though you may look healthy, the reality is that you've sacrificed something that is JUST as important.

Are you really going to work out EVERY DAY for the rest of your life? Plus do food prep? Plus never eat pizza? Plus do squats like crazy every spare moment? Nope. That's NOT how life goes. And it is CRAZY unbalanced.

Instead of continuing to buy into this cycle that keeps you on the hamster wheel and inevitably leads you to feel like a failure, let's try something different.

Here are three simple steps that will lead you toward feel good health, YOUR WAY. No rollercoasters welcome!

1. Set realistic health goals

Determine what it is you actually want! Every single person has a unique reason for committing to their health.

Is it to reduce your chances of life-threatening illness in the future?

To care for your mental health?

To run that marathon?

Or to feel energized and vibrant each and every day?

Your goals are uniquely yours, so take a moment and write them down in detail.

The key here is to make sure that you are focusing on health goals - not just aesthetics! If you want to get toned to attract that hottie at the grocery store, that doesn't actually have anything to do with health.

A well-formed goal is specific & measurable. This means that "feel better in general" isn't a goal - it's more of an intention! An example of a goal might be "feel more energized and vibrant each day so that going hiking each weekend is a breeze." You know your energy level now, you know how dull you feel, and you know how hard it is to go hiking in your current state. That means that you'll be able to look back and measure how far you've come in the future.

2. Create a plan that you can stick to long-term

This isn't about doing the same thing you've always done - after all it hasn't worked so far!

Remember, according to Albert Einstein: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

So STOP doing the same thing and try something else on for size!

Perhaps it's eating healthy 80% of the time, having two days each week without meat or sugar, doing three HIIT workouts each week, or getting a solid 8 hours sleep each night.

Look at your goals, and create a blueprint for how you can both get there in the present and sustain it long term.