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My coaching session with Katie Allen was everything I hoped for, and then so much more. I had been getting a lot out of being a part of Katie’s facebook tribe and the 5 day challenge. The coaching session opened up and unpacked some things that had been holding me back that I wasn’t even conscious of. It was so helpful to be guided by and challenged by Katie as we worked through these things and created an action plan around it. Katie Allen is such a positive, thoughtful and on-point coach. I was worried that having a coach would feel like going to a lecture but this was so far from the caring and deep conversations that I had with Katie and the positive and inspiring outcomes she helped me to find. I was so amazed by the turn around from our conversation and what it brought for me. Katie was so proactive and the follow up with her really helped me to get back to our original conversation and to keep me focused on the plan, accountable and motivated. I have reccommeded Katie Allen Coaching to all of my friends and anyone who needs some inspiration and clarity in their lives!

E. Harrison


I completed a 12-week health and wellness coaching program with Katie in the end of 2017. I was amazed at just how she personalized each week to help me realize and overcome the things in my life that were preventing me from loving myself. After each conversation, I was left with some "homework" for the week; some weeks were as simple as finding a new food or recipe to try, and other weeks were more soul-searching. I was amazed at how each week, these homework tasks built into bigger building blocks that helped me towards loving myself (and thus, becoming a better wife, mother and friend). Katie is a wonderful health coach and I would strongly recommend her services to everyone!

S. Greer


For me being pregnant involved more than just the joy of a baby; it was a time where I had to come face to face with my feelings about my (changing) body, my role in society (hello parenthood!), and my physical, emotional and mental health. Katie helped me to identify my challenges, focus my energy and goals, and gently but efficiently guided me to help myself get to where I needed and wanted to be before giving birth. Thank you so much, Katie! Your program has helped me build a strong foundation for being healthy and happy according to MY OWN standards. Truly an exceptional experience!

L. McKeeman


I completed a 12 week program with Katie and it has been an incredible, eye opening journey. The 12 weeks went by very quickly, but left me feeling more in control and better equipped to reach my health goals. Katie has been able to make something daunting (getting healthier) and turn it into a series of small, attainable, and intuitive steps. Katie is amazing and definitely recommended for anyone ready to start on this path.

M. Kaur


I've had the great pleasure of working with Katie on a weekly basis for the past 4 months. I am here to let you all know, she is a fantastic coach who does have the system, is able to provide the support and will keep you accountable toward achieving your goals. I'd recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their personal health situation.

T. Cox


I am a busy mom of three, and as any mother knows, your needs, all of your needs, become runner up. I focus every minute on my children and over the years forgot about myself. Allowing myself to fade in the background with the attitude that I don't have time to be good to myself and my body. Katie was able to show me that I can change my habits one at a time and if I fall back into my old habits that it's okay and to try again. What scared me the most was thinking changing my lifestyle and being good to myself was an all or nothing kind of change. And it's not! I have obstacles with three small children and the reality of life on top of that. Katie made it easy to tell her the truth even when I felt like I hadn't been good to myself. And taught me so much that I now incorporate in my busy life. My weight isn't the most important thing anymore, my well being is. Thank you Katie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And to all of you considering a lifestyle change of any kind, Katie helped me in every way and am confident she can do the same in your life too.

M. Noel


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